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About Initiativ

At Initiativ, we create reality-based events founded on a perfect balance between creativity and business value. Let us handle your event. We see to every detail: from invitation to standing ovation.

We use powerful event strategies to present your core values with personality and style, tailor-made to the context. We’re simply passionate about creating memorable brand experiences.

Use Initiativ to reach your customers, partners and employees.

Since December 2016, we are part of one of the largest Event- meeting and conference organizer in the world – MCI International.   Initiativ are the local Meeting & Event brand within MCI Nordics. Read more on www.mci-group.com

Initiativ Event Solution

Our mixture of project management, clear-cut processes and technology solutions has given us methods and tools that achieve a high degree of structure, performance, transparency and budget control. The very best results are created through efficiency, creativity and the courage to initiate long-term communication. You present us with your goals and aims and let us rev up the creative engine to round up the optimal event activity for your communication and sales. Be bold – engaging your customer on a personal level is the most exclusive move you can make, but also the most loyalty-inspiring.

What Initiativ offers:

An event is the place where people and brands meet. Our vision is being Sweden’s best-renowned and most business-like event organizer. The way we achieve this is by offering our customers added value. Our customers’ event marketing always has a clear aim, and we always find out what effect is desired and how they would like this measured.

Initiativ offers the following – all depending on what effect you want from your event or sponsorship:

  • Event strategies with a perfect mixture of creativity and business benefits.
  • Project management – the overall picture as well as every detail.
  • An efficient production process throughout, from invitation to ovation.
  • A strong, competent network in Sweden and internationally.
  • A reinforced brand experience reverberating through your communication.

Get in touch with any one of us to hear more about our many years’ of expertise and experience our commitment to you as our customer.


Initiativ stages some 70-80 events per year to help our customers create constructive meetings between people, to advance their brand internally or externally and to advance their sales. Take a look at what we’ve been doing this year, then get in touch and we will tell you more.








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Don’t hesitate: contact us to find out more, to be inspired or to have good meetings while saving time and money. Click on any of us to see what we each specialise in and to get our contact details. Alternatively, just dial 08-546 515 00 eller maila me@mci-group.com


  • Isabelle Rogert
  • Project Manager


Sample image

Initiativ’s funky function creator. Like Pippi Longstocking, my plucky strength backs up everything I do. I put the boom-boom into your events and send them sky-high. Get in touch with me if you don’t want any part of your event being left to chance!

Dialect: Stocky Stockholmese
Soundtrack: ”Sånt är livet” – Anita Lindholm

  • Claes-Johan Larsson
  • Account Manager/Partner


Sample image

Initiativ’s visionary toujours. Our very own entertainer and multi-facetted contentment fanatic. Here, there are no small ideas, only grandiose ones that result in joy, glamour and professionalism for you, the customer. Get in touch with me when you’re looking for a combination of creative input and business benefits – or if you simply want a chat.

Dialect: Veracious Västgötish
Soundtrack: ”Emergency” – Icona Pop

  • Jonas Jonsson
  • Account Manager/Partner


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Initiativ’s master of ideal ideas. My keen interest in everything that furthers innovation and business drives me and you alike. I’ll never say “no”, only “maybe”. Every day, I challenge you and my colleagues to reach new heights. Get in touch with me when you want to create an even stronger brand through efficient strategy work that produces results.

Dialect: Hardy Härjedalish
Soundtrack: ”De e bar å åk” – Alpina Skidlandslaget

  • Katarina Torsell
  • Project Coordinator


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Initiativ’s co-ordinator extraordinaire. I am the eye in the storm and have an unparalleled sense of service mindedness, accuracy and detail. Should you wake me in the middle of the night, I can probably tell you what your room number is or who you’ll be sitting next to. Get in touch with me and I’ll fuse all the parts of your project into a perfect harmony.

Dialect: Stocky Stockholmese
Soundtrack: ”Lugn Efter Stormen” – Marie Fredriksson

  • Djannet Berendji
  • Project Manager


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Initiativ’s trendy doer. Initiativ boasts the Madonna of event marketing: a veritable ROI maker in B2B and B2C with WTF and LOL effects from the rollicking story-telling at every event. Get in touch with me when you need to make sure you’ve covered the latest trends and digital innovations.

Dialect: Scrumptious Scanian
Soundtrack: ”Vogue” – Madonna

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