A five-year sponsorship of the Swedish Melody Festival – 360 campaign

Our challenge
A clear 360 campaign in Q1 every year, covering all channels and aimed at all target groups. A concept where an important part was to create internal involvement which would lift the brand as well as sales nationwide. Retailers were to create local involvement, participate in the campaign and use their sponsorship for B2B activities, while consumers were to become better acquainted with the brand name.

Our solution
An annual major team building event with an unmistakable festival theme. Commercials, campaigns and social media go hand in hand and B2C was achieved through campaigns, social media and in the shops.

Arena activities like wheels of fortune and competitions made customers stay longer at Elon, and prizes had to be picked up in an Elon shop.

The result
A 19.5 per cent sales increase in Q1 in 2015.
A marked increase in sales of the campaign products.
Raised popular awareness of Elon as a brand name.

Vattenfall Stockholm Triathlon 2013

Our challenge
In 2013, Vattenfall became new title sponsor for one of the competitions in the World Triathlon Series. This has been an excellent forum for Vattenfall to get new exposure and strengthen its relationship to the city of Stockholm, the municipality, the audience and to decision makers.

Our solution
Supporting Vattenfall through planning and project management. Producing branding materials and activation modules as well as on-site realization.

The result

  • Increased brand awareness through sponsorship activation
  • Over 1,000 participants in Vattenfall’s competition
  • Good exposure broadcast live
  • Extended title sponsorship