Travelling abroad

Taking a trip abroad is often an exclusive way of meeting, and knowing what result the investment will yield is very important. Initiativ offers trips abroad to those customers who want the trip to leave a lasting impression and be unique before, during and after the actual event. Such trips are meant to be a means to:

  • increase the internal brand awareness and establish a winning company culture
  • increase the external brand awareness through training courses or activities for increased sales

Why use Initiativ for your trips abroad?

  • You want a trip which radiates quality from the invitation to the arrival back home, and which has a clear message that resonates throughout
  • You want a trip that has been tailor-made around the actual participants and the central message
  • You want to be able to keep your focus on the participants while leaving Initiativ to deal with the logistics, details and making sure it all goes smoothly
  • Through years of experience, Initiativ has cemented relationships with suppliers that ensure the highest cost efficiency and safety. Please visit our inspirational website www.initiativinspirerar.se